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"Kingdom Men - Mentorship Program"

In March 2023, the mentorship program was developed by men chatting about lives they wanted to improve and how they could achieve the desired outcome. Committed men decided it was time to partner up and get to work as mentors to save more youth and young men from daily struggles in their communities. 

The Kingdom Men Mentorship program aims to enhance youth development to adulthood by establishing standards and providing supporting reins of guidance and resources. Kingdom Reins is an advocate for minorities, low-income families, single parents, youth with disabilities, families needing a helping hand to keep their children on track, and young men needing positive influences. 



  • Promote education and career goals to reduce school dropout, reduce crime, and overcome social, physical, and mental challenges. 

  • Strengthen relationships, develop skillsets, implement strategies, and build confidence to achieve goals.

  • Encourage youth commitment to the program by allowing mentees to participate in the mentor-to-mentee matching process.

  • Host one-on-one mentorship sessions and group sessions twice a month. 

  • Invite guest speakers from various professional fields based on mentees' interests.  

  • Prepare young men for the workforce by providing job opportunities, assisting with job applications, teaching interview techniques, and helping with job searches and referrals.

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Mentors 2 Mentees 

Kingdom Reins is the perfect location to sponsor "mentor 2 mentee" outings, offering a place 

  • to go fishing 

  • to learn horse grooming techniques 

  • to go on scavenger hunts and nature walks

  • to go horseback riding  

  • to participate in gardening activities 

  • to sit and talk 

  • to share a meal 

  • to share moments of laughter

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  1. Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet welcoming session introduces attendees at all levels and provides an overview of the Kingdom Men Mentorship program hosted by Mr. Jake Timmons.


2. Guest Speakers 

Professional leaders share lessons learned by highlighting the ups and downs of their careers.  Speakers address lifestyle changes required for a promising tomorrow. Knowledge sharing is an effective tool to increase awareness and counter negative influences targeting the youth. 

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Mentorship 2.jpg

Hot Issues

3. Real Talk

Open mic to discuss social issues and ways to improve our community. Provide guidance to address peer pressures encountered by the youth while attending school.    


4. Team Building  

Participate in a sporting activity by partnering with teammates to compete against the opposing team.



  • Teach good sportsmanship  

  • Improve communication skills

  • Increase physical exercise

  • Build positive relationships 

  • Overcome social anxieties 

  • Opportunity to improve skillsets 

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