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The Timmons Farm 

The vision of Kingdom Reins was received by our family as we answered the call to be change agents; people who make a difference through good works.  Being witnesses of dreams coming true we seek to spark that hope in the lives of others.  With reins of love, knowledge, and courage we have set out to uplift the spirits of those crossing our path.  We offer a safe and healthy environment focused on providing life skills, and assisting in educational needs to support personal and social development through teaching and hands-on experiences.  Encouraging the youth and young adults to never give up but continue to press forward to overcome challenges.  We firmly believe in being planters of good things for a good return in life.  Kingdom Reins is designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere, so everyone is free to be themselves and create lasting memories of laughter by engaging in nature and fun activities.    Kingdom Reins offer horseback riding, fishing, paddle boating, property and animal tours, fun activities, and so much more. We stand to be a positive influence by serving our community and look forward to meeting you, your family, and your friends.


We acknowledge and respect diverse values; creating an environment that is inclusive of all.

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