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Farm Animals

Kingdom Reins's mission extends to acquiring animals who have been abused and are homeless. Animals deserve to be loved and to live in a protected environment. They are a part of our family, appreciated for their unique characters, and treated in high regard. Training the animals transforms those injured into survivors who have learned to embrace the beauty of being safe and free. With their gentleness and warm spirits, they provide emotional support to others by comforting the weary, offering friendship to the shy and lonely, and providing a distraction from everyday stresses. Animals are skilled in teaching good behavior and social traits. Horse therapy is proven to be an effective technique used when working with youth who have a difficult time communicating or expressing their feelings.  

Our goals for supporting animal life and longevity include:

  • Executing proper animal handling and conducting routine exercises

  • Distributing healthy diets for development.

  • Using essential supplements to strengthen joints.

  • Purchasing medical supplies and veterinarian services to target quality care.

  • Maintaining secure pastures and preserving an environment-friendly farm.





 Goats & Sheep


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Family Is Everything

The code for Family is loving, sharing, supporting, protecting, forgiving, and embracing the beauty of each day.

Ace "Friend to all Animals"

Meet Ace "Pit Bull," the guardian of all animals. Ace loves all animals and continues building a special relationship with them except for Bee, "the bull," respectfully. Ace loves a challenge; he insisted on playing with Daisy when she was a small calf, and so he did. Ace barks and wags his tail, saying, you will love me; let's play and have fun. He loves the chase but respects the warning when given; now is not the time. No problem, I'll catch you the next time barks Ace. Knowing he will receive his licks, nipples, and chase from another friend, he runs off in search of another adventure. 

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