Kingdom Reads

Year: 2023

At Kingdom Reads, we’re on a mission to empower youth for academic success while fostering a love for learning and exploration. Through our innovative program, participants are encouraged to “Get Ready and Stay Ready” by immersing themselves in the world of books and unlocking exciting adventures.

Our program offers a unique incentive system where participants earn tokens for every book they read. These tokens can then be traded for a variety of outdoor activities, including horseback riding, fishing, paddle boat rides, nature walks, and more. By combining education with adventure, we aim to make learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience for every child.

The goals of our program are clear: to encourage reading, increase reading fluency and comprehension, improve vocabulary, build confidence for test assessments, increase knowledge, and develop critical thinking skills. Through engaging activities and interactive learning experiences, we strive to equip young minds with the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond.

goals. We hosted a series of events including Youth Reading Camps, Story Time sessions, Book Fairs, and Teen Focus Groups, reaching a total of 23 participants ranging from ages 4 to 14. Additionally, we distributed 149 books and school supplies to support the educational journey of each child.

As we look ahead to the future, Kingdom Reads remains committed to empowering youth, igniting a passion for reading, and providing opportunities for growth and exploration. Together, let’s continue to inspire the next generation of learners and leaders through the power of education and adventure.

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