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I’m SPILLING It; It’s up to you to Eat It, Lick It, Sip It, or Kick It

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Mr. Jake (Du Dirty)

Mrs. Stephanie (Boss Lady)

Ms. Kayla (Duchess)

Ms. Alajah (Laay)

Jake III (E’King)



HIGHLIGHTS - What’s the Spill?

----------- Stephanie Timmons

Topic 1: Celebrating Daisy

Topic 2:  Rufus “the Pit Bull Chicken”



~Embrace the Bright Moments in Life~

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Looking Good Girl,

Remembering your birth was like yesterday, yet it was January 5, 2022, when Bell delivered you in the front pasture. She was prepared and ready to be Momma Bell. We decided to name you Daisy because you were a ray of sunshine, a moment in the making, an expected time now here, and it was joyous news to share.
Bell moved slowly and did not eat much that morning. I was sure of the day but didn't know the time. I recognized milk running down Bell's leg and how she was squirting milk with each movement. I couldn't help but check out her backend to see if there were any signs of something happening. She was having contractions, and her low groans confirmed that she was in a bit of distress. I rubbed the top of her head and assured her that I would be there. I need not have worried; Bell had the support of Bee, Weezy, and Buttercup, who went where she went and stopped when she stopped.
You Did it, Bell! It was late in the afternoon when I looked out the window and saw Bell licking her baby. Yelling for my daughter, jumping up and down, and shouting, "It's Here, come on, Kayla; I told you it would be today ."
This moment was a  joyous occasion for Kingdom Reins. The first birth of newness. Bell delivered, and we didn't have to do a thing. Wow, we were relieved and thankful that all went well. No doubt about it, Bell was a good Mom. She was attending to her calf and didn't mind what she endured. Knowing it was necessary for the gift she received.
How was everyone taking to the news of a young calf in the pasture? Well, Bee (the bull) was observing. At the same time, he chewed on the grass and seemed undisturbed since Bell handled the situation with courage and strength. Weeze was standing nearby, grazing but keeping a close eye on them as if she were the nurse on duty. Buttercup (the mare) was determined to lick and stand over Daisy to check her out personally as if she was the mother.  
Time flies, and now we are at the end of January 2023, and Daisy has transformed. She loves to run up and down the pasture, enjoying the open space. She jumps high and lands perfectly on her feet. You would have to know the father to understand her skills. She pretends to be shy but will lick your hand and draw back suddenly. I love the feel of a cow tongue on my hand because it feels like sandpaper.
Bringing her back in would be a challenge if Daisy got out of the fence. The spill is that a lead rope can lead Bell, and Daisy will follow. However, Daisy will give you an eye full of bucking and kicking till she reaches her destination. It's a sight to see, and onlookers will be laughing, but the ones assisting with this task must be alert and ready to move out of the way.
Daisy has horns but is gentle and does not try to use them to hurt any of the animals or visitors. She loves livestock feed, corn, and hay.


January 5, 2022


The Pit Bull Chicken



Beware of Rufus the Pit Bull Chicken

by Stephanie Timmons


Walking outside without looking around can cause a run-in with the Pit Bull Chicken Rufus. He has you in his bullseye before you even spot him. I advise constantly checking your surroundings and being prepared for an encounter. Rufus is very territorial, so make sure you speedwalk and do not turn your back on him. If you hear feet moving fast, he is too close. No worries, call Ace and hope he is available to assist. Saying Ace will allow you to flee because Rufus will pause and look around to see if Ace is approaching. Ace is a lifesaver, and you will meet him soon. 


The funny thing is that Rufus means you no harm. He is determined to rule over more than just the hens. The spill is that Rufus does not give up easily and does not respect authority. You can feed him, and he will still turn on you. You can defend yourself, but he will return for more. Rufus is loved and cared for at Kingdom Reins, no matter what. We raised him from a baby chick to a rooster status. You can still pick him up but only late in the evening when it is time to go to the chicken house. Even a rooster will occasionally submit, for it is better to be safe than cocky and sorry.


Rufus is secure in the chicken house during events.

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