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The February SPILL

Great Things Happen Everyday 

Black History Month 


  • Otis Boykin - invented a control unit for the pacemaker, inspired by his mother's death from heart failure when he was one year old.

  • Garrett Morgan - invented the Three-Light Traffic Signal in 1923, inspired by witnessing a severe accident at an intersection. 

  • Frederick McKinley Jones - invented refrigerated trucks to help preserve blood, food, and supplies during the war; patented in 1940

  • Alexander Miles - invented automatic elevator doors in 1887, inspired by his daughter's almost fatal fall down an elevator shaft.

  • Lewis Latimer - invented the light bulb with a more durable filament made of carbon (longer-lasting bulbs) and sold his patent to US Electric Co. in 1881. 

  • Mark Dean - co-invented the color IBM PC monitor in the 1980s.



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Suprise, Suprise, Suprise
Bell Did It Again 

Daisy has a sibling - Alajah discovered Lil Bit on January 31, 2023, at 5:30 pm.

Nothing like going to feed up and having a surprise waiting for you.

- you might send a text like below

"Mom Bell had a baby."
''Girl Stop"
"I'm fr."
"Come down here" 

lol sometimes a text will do 

bell and li bit.jpg

The real issue with the impossible is dealing with your fear that it is not possible.


It takes courage to tackle the Impossible 

Will Power 

It takes will power to acheive the Impossible 


It takes hope to believe the Impossible 


It takes passion to pursue the Impossible


It takes strength to face the Impossible 


It takes wisdom to know how to obtain the Impossible 

Conquer fear, and you will be rewarded with unlimited possibilities. 


Uncontrollable events can alter your plans leaving you to regroup.   How can you pull yourself up by the bootstraps when your reach has been shortened, your vision blurred, and your heart shattered?  The right answer will not be supported by hatred, pride, and stubbornness, for they contribute to wrongful thinking and bad attitudes.  Holding your head up under extreme pressure can be difficult; nevertheless, you must GET ON WITH IT.  Altered plans don't change the fact that you must live and be productive.  There will always be issues to face, business to handle, and tasks to complete. Whatever must be done, GET ON WITH IT, for life is meant to be lived to its fullest, and you can't do it properly if you are weighed down and feeling powerless.


  • Spilled Milk still needs to be cleaned up, so GET ON WITH IT.

  • Hot Tea needs to be sipped, so use caution in all you do, or trouble will spill over into something else. Use Caution and  GET ON WITH IT.

  • Spilling the Beans only makes you the biggest gossiper and the biggest troublemaker.  Consider carefully what you speak on and GET ON WITH IT.

When Should You Get On With IT?

  • No Better Time Than the Present 

  • Don't Delay Another Day 

  • Now is the Time

  • Tomorrow is Not Promised 

Laziness Delays Progress, so GET ON WITH IT

Another Great Day 

Beautiful days are a gift to Susan and crew 
Open gates are signs of freedom  
Allowing time for Clover to display her talents
Achieving the impossible when released into openness
Being free of the shared and limited space 
If only for a little while

She gives Ash and the others a show to remember
Joining in for playful times

Maddie and Madison jump and race about 
Bailey raises high to stop them in their tracks 
Yet knowing there is no stopping the fun 
The horses approve of their silly games

Even Onyx nods in approval 
Another Great Day at Kingdom Reins

Susan and crew.jpg

Kingdom Animals 

Crossword Puzzle 

Screenshot 2023-02-19 224027_edited.jpg

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